GE Governance Committee

2017-18 GE Governance Committee Members

Governance Committee Chair
Muriel Mc Clendon, History

Foundations of the Arts and Humanities
Kara Cooney, Near Eastern Languages & Cultures
Michael Hackett,Theater
Ursula Heise, English
Marian Gabra, College Academic Counseling, (Resource)

Foundations of Society and Culture
Victor Bascara, Asian American Studies
Linda Garro, Anthropology
Jared McBride, Undergraduate Education Initiatives, (Resource)

Foundations of Scientific Inquiry
Abby Kavner, Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, (UgC Representative)
Jessica Alfaro, Institute for Society and Genetics
Al Courey, Chemistry
Anthony Friscia, Integrative Biology & Physiology, (Resource)

Undergraduate Student Representatives
Divya Sharma, Major:Global Studies